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If you want the best new pallet in Sydney, you should come to us at Next Generation Pallets. This is because as far as a new pallet is concerned no one does it better than us here in the capital city of New South Wales. Our products are of the highest quality, strength, and durability imaginable and therefore there is a large demand for them across all industries. As a top supplier of these products too we are highly dependable. People trust us to provide them the best pallets for purposes such as storage and transport.

Our new pallets come in various standard sizes. However, if you want them to be of some specific and unique size, we can get that done for you as well.

Specifications of the New Pallets

Being one of the most reputed and renowned manufacturers and suppliers in Sydney, we strive to provide you with exceptional quality and outstanding services. The specifications of products include--

  • Heat-treated wooden pallets
  • Customised pallets for the best solutions
  • We ensure 100% safety of the goods during the transit
  • Eco-friendly and ISPM 15 standard - (International Standard for Regulating Wood Packaging in International Trade)
  • Extensive range
  • Highest Quality, Unmatched Strength, Incomparable Durability

Plastic products

Apart from our wooden brand-new pallets in Sydney we also offer plastic products throughout the city. Our range in this regard is extremely commendable as well. 

Giving you the right product for your requirements

If you are looking for the best brand-new pallets sale in this part of the country, all you need to do is get in touch with us and we will help you to select the best product as per your need. We are immensely knowledgeable about the industry and we have years of experience in this domain.

This is the reason why we are so sure that we will help you get the right product and at the right prices also. This way, you will be able to meet all your storage and shipping requirements.

Great materials for you

You can be sure that the pallets that you will buy from us are made from materials such as sustainable pine. This is the reason why we enjoy such a great reputation in Sydney. Our range of products are wide, and this means you get the best prices.

Grab the Best Deal on the Brand New Pallets for Sale

If you are looking for top quality wooden brand new pallets, look no further than Next Generation Pallets. Our sustainable products, best services, and the best value of our products are the things that we do best, our unique selling point that sets us apart from other companies.

Customised Environment-Friendly Brand New Pallets for Sale

Irrespective of which industry you are in, you always need new pallets for your business. Our brand new pallets for sale comply with Australian standards. At Next Generation Pallets we are dedicated to providing our customers with pallets that meet their requirements. Therefore, our empty pallets for sale  are available in a range of types including export pallets, customised pallets, plastic pallets, wooden pallets, and Euro pallets suitable for heavy industries.

Being one of the leading pallet manufacturers and suppliers, we stress the importance of having a streamlined supply chain within our organisation so that your business does not get impacted.

Giving you all that you need

We have all kinds of products that will help you carry out your assembly, loading, transportation, and unloading work with consummate ease. We have been offering new pallets for sale in this part of Australia for years and our team of professionals are highly experienced as well. Therefore, they can help you with all your requests and requirements. We supply and make both small and large wooden pallets for all kinds of work. We are also extremely committed to providing you with the best products at the most competitive prices.

This is the reason why so many businesses in Australia trust and utilise us when it comes to wooden pallets and other such transport products.

The Products you can Count on…

At Next Generation Pallets you can be assured of the quality of our new pallets. These Australian standard pallets are eco-friendly. The pallets comply with ISPM 15 standard; thus, ensuring that the risk of damage to the products is minimised. Rely on us  for brand new pallets for sale.

We provide our products at the best prices. Maintaining the industry required dimensioning, we make sure that our empty pallets for sale come in for you with the best solutions. Grab the best offer for your pallets.


Superior quality export pallets

Next Generation pallets are a leading supplier of custom-made pallets, wooden pallets in Sydney. Our range of export pallets offers the best solution for all your industrial packaging needs. We strive to provide you pallets that ensure the utmost safety of your goods during land or sea transit.

Our pallets are made from plantation grown pine and are sure to reduce the chances of any damage during transit. Heat Treated Pallets are the most used to comply with the ISPM-15 requirements. It is eco-friendly, safe, and carried out using a relatively quick method.

ISPM 15 is the International Standard for Regulating Wood Packaging in International Trade. ISPM 15 was developed to reduce the risk of the introduction and or spread of quarantine pests associated with timber packaging material.

We offer an extensive range of export ISPM 15 pallets for sale in Sydney. These pallets are of standard dimensions and an apt solution for all your packaging needs. Next Generation Pallets, we pay utmost attention to the quality of our products. We have the best craftsmen working with us to create exceptionally durable and efficient brand-new wooden pallets in Sydney. All our products undergo a three-level quality check to make sure they meet our quality standards. We aim at providing export pallets that are best in quality.

Your search for durable, quality wooden pallets ends at Next Generation Pallets. We are one of the leading suppliers of fumigated wooden pallets in Sydney. No matter what your packaging requirement, our team of experts can surely build a suitable wooden pallet that meets all your prerequisites and exceeds your expectations.

All wood packaging material that is used for export must undergo either heat treatment. To verify that treatment has occurred and to provide traceability to the country of origin, an internationally recognised ISPM 15 certification is applied to the treated wood packaging. Only certified treatment providers and/or wood packaging manufacturers under AWPCS can apply the internationally recognised certification mark.

There are some products that due to their minimal risk are exempt for ISPM15; these include plywood, particleboard, veneer peeler core, wine barrels, and sawdust.

Browse through our range of export pallets now!

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Racking pallets are those pallets used for pallet racking.

At Next Generation Pallets we have racking pallets to suit every type of product and every budget.

A lot of our clients have realised how costly it is to have rental pallets sitting in racking indefinitely, when usually for less than 3 months hire fees they can own their own pallets.

Next Generation Pallets can supply new pallets suitable for racking for as little as $13.90 ea plus GST.

Call our office now and arrange a free appraisal for your pallet requirements.

At Next Generation Pallets we have obtained engineers’ certificates in regard to the static load bearing capacity of all our pallets and you will find this in the certificates section of this website.

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As part of our commitment to meeting your unique needs, Next Generation Pallets offers packaging engineering design services. Next Generation Pallets can design and manufacture packaging for a cargo of any shape or size being shipped domestically or internationally.

We will design and manufacture shipping and storage crating that will protect your products through the use of cradles, saddles, braces, and cushioning.

Next Generation Pallets Design Engineer will come to your facility to discuss your needs and work with your team. Our experts will provide information about packaging solutions and shipping policy. If international shipping is planned, our heat-treating service assures that our packaging is export compliant.

Custom design options can include:

  • Shock-absorbing bases and crates
  • Collapsible and returnable boxes
  • Crating kits

It is imperative to assure that your goods are safe and always transported with ease. The several specifications and measurements that should be considered while opting for a distribution pallet. Sometimes, it is not possible to get the exact size of the pallet. In that case, Next Generation Pallets is the best place to visit.

We offer custom pallets that are specially made to best meet your specific needs and requirements. We have some of the best variety of pallets. Our timber pallets in Sydney are made from plantation timber, grown specifically for this purpose, so as not to have an impact on the environment.

We offer custom-made crates of all sizes right from the base for large machines to tiny skids. At Next Generation Pallets, our aim is to provide superior quality timber products at the most competitive price. Our team of experts ensures that your specifications are fully understood and that you are equipped with custom pallets/crates that suit your needs. You can also brand the custom-made pallets with your company name and brand logo as well.

Why Rely on us?

Expertise: Our team of experts have profound knowledge of the industry they provide you pallets that are sure to fulfill all your requirements and reduce the chances of damage.

Made to Size pallets: Our wood pallets are tailor-made. Therefore, the chances of accidental tripping are less.

Competitive Pricing: All our pallets are priced to get your business.

Customer Service: We strive to provide professional customer service to our clients and patrons. We assist you throughout the process.

Our eye for detail and aim for perfection makes us an industry favourite as suppliers of wooden pallets in Sydney.

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Looking for distribution Pallets?

When your pallets are used for distribution purposes you need to look at the most cost-effective way to do this.

Next Generation Pallets can help with this to design the most appropriate pallet for your products distribution. We are suppliers of distribution pallets. We can supply pallets that are an optimum solution for all your shipping needs. We are committed to offering cost-effective new pallets that meet all your requisites and ensure your goods are suitably transported.

Why pay for extra boards, etc., that aren’t necessary for your application.

At Next Generation Pallets we only supply new pallets, but we do this at a price usually for less than you can buy a secondhand pallet.

The pitfalls with secondhand pallets are protruding nails, cracked or broken boards/bearers, or, just the look of them.

With a Next Generation pallet, you can have your company logo/name printed on the side and they are always in pristine condition. Letting your clients know you value your product as much as they do.

So, take the step to have your distribution pallets advertising your company and protecting your products.

We are one of a kind when offering distribution pallets in Australia. We make sure to understand all your requisites and expectations and provide customised solutions that aptly meet all your requirements and serve you optimally. Our team of experts has immense knowledge of the industry. They offer outstanding new pallets that suit your needs perfectly.

With Next Generation Pallets, be assured about the quality of products. We are masters in crafting and designing, high-quality new pallets that comply with Australian standards and offer you great convenience as well. We have experience of over twenty years in this industry. Our attention to detail and constant endeavour to update and upgrade ourselves makes us one of the leading suppliers of distribution pallets in Australia.

Connect with us now to buy new pallets; we will be delighted to hear from you.


Stacking a distribution pallet is a matter of checking that the items kept are safe and sound. You can stack it as high as possible with the condition that it does not lose balance. However, in most cases, the associated professionals and companies allow a height only up to 2.28 metres. This ensures the proper flow of cold air within the trailer as well. Safe stacking should also consider the distance that the trailer is going to traverse. Any sort of instability in the entire system should not be present. Therefore, a safe height is chosen by many companies.

Distribution pallets are the sets of products or pallets that are used to stock goods and products that are to be distributed to the retail stores, wholesalers, or directly to the consumers. These are often considered as items for order fulfilment. They can easily be placed in a warehouse or any refrigerated buildings.

Distribution pallets form the backbone of the entire logistics industry. These items streamline the order processing and fulfilment. Logistics experts consider this to be one of the most cost-effective and efficient modes of distribution. Distribution pallets form the most stable base for storage and distribution in the supply chain.

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