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At Next Generation Pallets we are the “young gun” of the pallet and packaging industry.

Some of our competitors, who have been in the industry a lot longer than us, particular the one or two that insist they are the “biggest” in the industry, display a degree of arrogance, which we all know comes from over confidence.

We at Next Generation Pallets don’t suffer from over confidence and we want to provide our customers with the best product but also when you want them.

Some of our “biggest” competitors have lead times of 2 or 3 weeks and sometimes even longer.

At Next Generation Pallets we know most customers can’t look that far ahead – who knows what your customers are going to order in 2 or 3 weeks?

So not being the “biggest” makes us strive harder, because we want to be.

So, don’t deal with a pallet supplier that’s doesn’t put your requirements first. Deal with Next Generation Pallets who will always put you first.

Put us to the test, send us a supplier invoice and we will beat it, almost every time!

At Next Generation Pallets we offer you the best pallets, the best service and the best prices in Sydney. At Next Generation Pallets we have the capability, in some cases, to supply our customers within a few hours. Some of our bigger competitors have lead times which can run into weeks, but not at Next Generation Pallets we put our customers’ needs to the fore and deliver on time, every time. The quality of our pallets is second to none. Next Generation Pallets will even stencil your standard pallets for free, in most cases, so your company has the benefit of the visible ownership and advertising associated with your pallets (the same way as Chep and Loscam advertise on their pallets).

The world of business is becoming increasingly competitive with every passing day. The costs are always inclining, and the budgets are always being reduced. This is happening because you – the companies and our clients – are always looking for ways to bring down the warehousing and logistics overheads. Therefore, you need the best equipment for your work, with minimal maintenance. One of the best ways in which you can save money in this regard is by opting for equipment such as pallets from Next Generation Pallets. Some warehouses are using second-hand pallets in the belief that they are saving money for their companies, but in most cases the could be buying brand new pallets, with their company name on the side, for less than they’re paying for, so-called, cheaper second-hand pallets. Also, supposedly, refurbished pallets can have loose boards, extruding nails, etc., all creating potential OH & S issues. Nobody wants, or needs, OH & S issues, they can be costly and time wasting. Best advice: buy new pallets and don’t buy problems.

Our track record

We have been offering the best timber pallets of all shapes and sizes in Sydney for many years now. Over the years we have built up a solid reputation for being the “go to” pallet manufactures in the industry thanks to the quality of our timber pallets, the service and the value Next Generation Pallets provides . Therefore, when people are looking to source and buy timber pallets, they should always come to us.

Our reliability

Next Generation Pallets realised many years ago that to ensure its customers could always be supplied with their pallets when required, that we would have to take positive steps to this end.

As a result of this realisation we invested in a storage yard. Where we store approximately $1.2 million worth of timber.

Also, to ensure that we were not at the mercy of the timber mills, as to timber profiles. Next Generation Pallets has invested heavily in machinery that enables us to manufacture the required profiles for our customers pallets.

All of this helps Next Generation Pallets to service our customers in a fashion that they require and now expect.

At Next Generation Pallets we are completely focused on our clients and their requirements.

As one of the leading pallet suppliers in Sydney, we make sure that no matter what you buy from us you get the best product. Therefore, we want to make sure that as pallet suppliers we offer you these products in various shapes, grades, and sizes. As the top pallet suppliers in the area, we also offer a lot of variety in terms of weight. This includes the 1-tonne pallets, which are regarded as light, and the 2-tonne pallets, which are the heavyweight ones. These heavyweight products are standard when it comes to Australia standards. We also offer you various other kinds of cheap pallets as well as euro pallets, plastic pallets, export pallets, and customised pallets.

Guarantee of quality

When you buy timber pallets or any other kinds of these products you can be sure that you will get excellent quality. However, you don’t need to worry as we have a team of the absolute best manufacturing professionals in the industry. As the top pallet manufacturers and pallet suppliers, we make sure that all our pallets are in proper working order before they are brought out for sale.

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