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NGP is an Australian owned company. We have only been in the Sydney market for about 6 years but during this time have become a market leader. We have done this by being customer focused and providing product in a fast and reliable manner.

NGP has a timber holding facility at out Llandilo site. At any one time we have about 3 to 4 months of timber at hand on site. We do this to ensure that we always have adequate timber supplies for our clients. At NGP we also mill about 80% of our timber ourselves. We do this so we aren’t waiting for specific profiles of timber from our suppliers – because sometimes there can be shortages of certain timber profiles – but not at Next Generation Pallets!

We can supply the right product every time!

Next Generation Pallets only sources timber that is grown on plantations that are sustainable. All our waste goes back into landscaping products or animal bedding products.

Our manufacturing site is situated at St Marys. At this site we employ around 30 people, who from management to labourer are all devoted to producing quality products for our clients. We all take immense pride in the product we deliver.

At our St Marys site we produce around 3,000 pallets per day, at our Llandilo site we produce another 1,000 custom products per day.

So as you can see we are one, if not, the major suppliers of pallets and packaging to the Sydney metro market. Producing this volume allows us to be extremely competitive in the market couple this with our short turnaround times and you’ll see that your aligning your company with a company that can produce the goods when you want them.

“If you’re renting pallets you’re doing your company an injustice”

Talk to one of our team with an aim to getting out of the rental cycle, now!  And, let NGP help your company to start saving money and increase your bottom line with no help from your sales team.

The money you save is all PROFIT!

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