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Custom Wood Dunnage Packaging

Reusable, Customised Dunnage To Protect Your Shipping Products

With the flourishing e-commerce market, there is a need to strengthen your logistics department for smooth operations. Proper management with the help of the right equipment is always going to play a crucial role. If you are in this industry, then you must be knowing the importance of these pieces of equipment. One of them is the containers that smoothen the movement of products not only within the factory or warehouse but also in the market. Dunnage provides the ultimate solution to all these issues.

Dunnage Packaging- Adding Safety to Packaging

The motto of every business is to reduce the loss and damage and maximise the profit. The Custom dunnage packaging provides the much-required valuable layers of safety and protection to the overall packaging. It prevents the movement of the products in the box and hence, further damages.

Apart from this, the choice to customise provides the liberty to the business firms to maximise the number of products to be packed by organising things. We deal with the dunnage that lowers the overall shipping costs as well.

Dunnage from Next Generation Pallets

With over 6 years of experience in the market, Next Generation Pallets excels and is one of the leading dealers of dunnage- your export and import packing material. With years we have transformed ourselves as per the requirement and ensured businesses that our products would be helpful in safeguarding your products in their long-distance transportation.
Based on the requirements, we have started catering Dunnage of diverse types for several purposes. Get in touch with us for any dunnage packaging products.

  • Safeguard the cargo from any sort of exposure to water due to leakages
  • Spreads the load of the cargo ascertaining distribution of load evenly
  • Helps in the passage of cool air so that the cargo remains well-ventilated and cool
  • Prevents contamination of sensitive items while shipping

Being in the business for years, we, at Next Generation Pallets, take care of all your needs. This is one of the reasons that we not only deal with large variants of dunnage, but also, we never compromise with the quality. We ensure that all your requirements are met from our top-quality and tested shipping dunnage.

Get in Touch with Next Generation Pallets

For all your custom dunnage shipping requirements, we are your one-stop destination. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing the best quality products. Talk to one of our professional staff members as well in case you need any suggestion regarding the type and kind of material you need to choose in accordance with your business type. We're always there to help you pick your dunnage. You would get the quality products at the right price.


Dunnage refers to materials used in containers that hold them protectively so that goods arrive free from contamination, moisture, and mechanical damage. The primary job of it is to make transporting cargo seamless as it protects both the cargo and the ship. Dunnage mostly includes jute coverings, plastic films, wood, tarpaulin, nonwoven fibres, rice matting, inlets, or liner bags, etc. Depending on the items put on the dunnage, dunnage packaging is often divided into lateral, floor, top, or interlayer dunnage.

Most common uses of dunnage are:

  1. prevents chafing
  2. offers separation of cargo
  3. restricts movement and damage
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