Custom Made Wood Pallets Design

As part of our commitment to meeting your unique needs, Next Generation Pallets offers packaging engineering design services. Next Generation Pallets can design and manufacture packaging for a cargo of any shape or size being shipped domestically or internationally.

We will design and manufacture shipping and storage crating that will protect your products through the use of cradles, saddles, braces, and cushioning.

Next Generation Pallets Design Engineer will come to your facility to discuss your needs and work with your team. Our experts will provide information about packaging solutions and shipping policy. If international shipping is planned, our heat-treating service assures that our packaging is export compliant.

Custom design options can include:

  • Shock-absorbing bases and crates
  • Collapsible and returnable boxes
  • Crating kits

It is imperative to assure that your goods are safe and always transported with ease. The several specifications and measurements that should be considered while opting for a distribution pallet. Sometimes, it is not possible to get the exact size of the pallet. In that case, Next Generation Pallets is the best place to visit.

We offer custom pallets that are specially made to best meet your specific needs and requirements. We have some of the best variety of pallets. Our timber pallets in Sydney are made from plantation timber, grown specifically for this purpose, so as not to have an impact on the environment.

We offer custom-made crates of all sizes right from the base for large machines to tiny skids. At Next Generation Pallets, our aim is to provide superior quality timber products at the most competitive price. Our team of experts ensures that your specifications are fully understood and that you are equipped with custom pallets/crates that suit your needs. You can also brand the custom-made pallets with your company name and brand logo as well.

Why Rely on us?

Expertise: Our team of experts have profound knowledge of the industry they provide you pallets that are sure to fulfill all your requirements and reduce the chances of damage.

Made to Size pallets: Our wood pallets are tailor-made. Therefore, the chances of accidental tripping are less.

Competitive Pricing: All our pallets are priced to get your business.

Customer Service: We strive to provide professional customer service to our clients and patrons. We assist you throughout the process.

Our eye for detail and aim for perfection makes us an industry favourite as suppliers of wooden pallets in Sydney.

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