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Looking for distribution Pallets?

When your pallets are used for distribution purposes you need to look at the most cost-effective way to do this.

Next Generation Pallets can help with this to design the most appropriate pallet for your products distribution. We are suppliers of distribution pallets. We can supply pallets that are an optimum solution for all your shipping needs. We are committed to offering cost-effective new pallets that meet all your requisites and ensure your goods are suitably transported.

Why pay for extra boards, etc., that aren’t necessary for your application.

At Next Generation Pallets we only supply new pallets, but we do this at a price usually for less than you can buy a secondhand pallet.

The pitfalls with secondhand pallets are protruding nails, cracked or broken boards/bearers, or, just the look of them.

With a Next Generation pallet, you can have your company logo/name printed on the side and they are always in pristine condition. Letting your clients know you value your product as much as they do.

So, take the step to have your distribution pallets advertising your company and protecting your products.

We are one of a kind when offering distribution pallets in Australia. We make sure to understand all your requisites and expectations and provide customised solutions that aptly meet all your requirements and serve you optimally. Our team of experts has immense knowledge of the industry. They offer outstanding new pallets that suit your needs perfectly.

With Next Generation Pallets, be assured about the quality of products. We are masters in crafting and designing, high-quality new pallets that comply with Australian standards and offer you great convenience as well. We have experience of over twenty years in this industry. Our attention to detail and constant endeavour to update and upgrade ourselves makes us one of the leading suppliers of distribution pallets in Australia.

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    How tall can I stack my distribution pallets?

    Stacking a distribution pallet is a matter of checking that the items kept are safe and sound. You can stack it as high as possible with the condition that it does not lose balance. However, in most cases, the associated professionals and companies allow a height only up to 2.28 metres. This ensures the proper flow of cold air within the trailer as well. Safe stacking should also consider the distance that the trailer is going to traverse. Any sort of instability in the entire system should not be present. Therefore, a safe height is chosen by many companies.

    Why choose distribution pallets?
    Distribution pallets are the sets of products or pallets that are used to stock goods and products that are to be distributed to the retail stores, wholesalers, or directly to the consumers. These are often considered as items for order fulfilment. They can easily be placed in a warehouse or any refrigerated buildings.

    Distribution pallets form the backbone of the entire logistics industry. These items streamline the order processing and fulfilment. Logistics experts consider this to be one of the most cost-effective and efficient modes of distribution. Distribution pallets form the most stable base for storage and distribution in the supply chain.

    Next Generation Pallets – The Best New Pallets In Sydney
    If you want the best new pallet in Sydney, you should come to us at Next Generation Pallets. This is because as far as a new pallet is concerned no one does it better than us here in the capital city of New South Wales. Our products are of the highest quality, strength, and durability imaginable and therefore there is a large demand for them across all industries. As a top supplier of these products too we are highly dependable. People trust us to provide them the best pallets for purposes such as storage and transport.
    Our new pallets come in various standard sizes. However, if you want them to be of some specific and unique size, we can get that done for you as well.

    Plastic Products
    Apart from our wooden brand-new pallets in Sydney we also offer plastic products throughout the city. Our range in this regard is extremely commendable as well. There are several reasons why you should choose our plastic products as well. Firstly, they are lighter than timber and therefore they are such good options for air transport.
    They do not have to be quarantined as well. These are some more reasons why they are preferred to such an extent for international shipping. Apart from our wooden brand-new pallets we also offer shipping and export pallets, plastic pallets, and several kinds of customised products as well.
    Giving you the right product for your requirements
    If you are looking for the best brand-new pallets sale in this part of the country, all you need to do is get in touch with us and we will help you to select the best product as per your need. We are immensely knowledgeable about the industry and we have years of experience in this domain.

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