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Are you looking for used pallets for your business? Have you locked horns trying to negotiate deals with other suppliers of second-hand pallets? Well, Next Generation Pallets can usually supply new pallets at a comparable or, sometimes, even cheaper price than second had pallets. The major issue with second-hand pallets in NSW is that the large majority of them are coming from Chep or Loscam. As we all know now, or should, is that once Chep or Loscam decide that they are of no use to them in their pallet pools they are pretty well firewood. So they sell them to the second-hand dealers in Sydney and they get painted up and out they go again. In a lot of cases these second-hand pallets are causing OH&S issues for the unsuspecting buyers, because of loose boards, protruding nails etc.

So, do yourself a favour and buy new!

Who are we?

Well, we are one of the leading names in the pallet industry in Sydney and we offer various kinds of businesses and industries the required pallets. We stock an exclusive range of different pallets - wooden and plastic. Based on your specific requirements, you can purchase them at the most market competitive prices. Speak to our team of professionals to get the best offer. We are always ready to help you in all aspects of pallets for sale from new wood or plastic.

Why Next Generation Pallets?

Amidst so many service providers and pallet suppliers, we stand out to be the most trusted and dependable pallet suppliers. We understand the needs and demand of the new businesses and help them with quality yet budgeted products in their initial start-up phase to help their business to prosper.

We have a wide range of products on offer.


Well, it is a bit subjective as the price would vary according to usage or how old the pallets are. Several governing factors impact the price of the second-hand pallets. These are-

  • The size of the pallet you are trying to buy. The price for a small pallet is less as compared to the larger ones.
  • The condition of the pallets as well. You can expect a greater price for your small pallet if the condition is nice as compared to the larger pallet in a worn condition. Pallets that are too worn out can’t be used and therefore have no value. 
  • The quality of the material from which the pallets are made also determines the price.

According to the experts, the price might vary in the range of $0.50 up to $4 each.

Most people who are thinking of buying pallets choose second hand pallets. There are several reasons behind this.

Firstly, they can get pallets in good condition at the lowest prices. The savings you make from buying good quality second hand pallets can be put towards buying a greater number of pallets.

If at all the pallets are damaged, these can be repaired. This needs to be factored in to the cost.

Pallets are recyclable and hence, environmentally friendly. The use of used pallets can be a great way to contribute to sustainable development.

They are durable and hence, even after you have purchased them from us, you are able to use them for a few more years.

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