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Wooden Boxes And Crates In Sydney

Are you looking for high-quality, budgeted, and durable wooden boxes and crates as a packaging solution? Are you looking for customised storage and shipping material that would make sure the transportation of all types of products apart from safeguarding them from any sort of damage? Rely on Next Generation Pallets for timber boxes and wooden crates in Australia.

We are one of the market leaders in this category in Sydney and strive to meet all the needs of logistics without any issue. Our over 6 years of market experience has yielded us with so much knowledge and exposure that we have been able to offer all types of businesses with their packaging solution hassle-free.

Packaging, Storing, and Transporting Made Easy with Wooden Boxes and Crates

Yes! Wooden crates and custom wooden boxes are always going to be the first and last choice for any businessman. Irrespective of where you want to send your product, what you want to send, we, at Next Generation Pallets offer you with customised boxes and crates of your requirement. Just convey to us your need, we are always there to serve you in the best practical way. We have in our making small to large containers for all sorts of businesses.

The reliability of businesses on these timber boxes and crate boxes has been because of the strength and sturdiness that they provide. In addition to this, it is easy to transport and does not break easily. With these materials, right from packaging to shipping, everything is made easy.

Benefits of Boxes and Crates from Next Generation Pallets

Being in the business for over 6 years, we have closely watched the transformation in the market about the need for products for transportation. With the advent of the e-commerce industry, the logistics companies are looking for more durable products so that they could increase the number of products to be shipped without causing considerable damage to the others.

We take care of your cargo and ensure that it will reach its destination on time and safely. Therefore, each of the products that we deal with is industrially tested and has the quality to withstand the jerks and loads during shipping and transportation. Irrespective of how small and big the crate box is, fabrication is done just in alignment with the requirement and is always aimed at supplying end-to-end solutions apart from designing it to protect the investment.

Another advantage of dealing with us is that you would get your products delivered in either knocked from where you must assemble it following DIY methods or in fully assembled form.

When in Doubt, Ask Us!!

Well, we understand the dilemma you might be having when you come across so diverse types of variables. Fret not! We have the best professionals in Sydney ready to help you in the process. Discuss your requirements and the nature of the business you are dealing with. We will surely provide you with a cost-effective, durable, and sturdy solution. Contact us at (02) 9673 3309 to know more.


Wooden crates are large wooden shipping containers used for storing or transporting heavy items. These crates often work as self-supporting structures that are the perfect choice for shipping different types of products whether they are very heavy, lightweight, or fragile goods. Besides, there are specialised wooden crates in Sydney for specialised products, mainly reusable ones like bottle crates for soft drinks and milk.

So, shipping your business products in the wooden crates ensures that the precious cargo remains protected while making sure that the packages remain safe and sound when delivered. So, these are very popular now among business owners.

At Next Generation Pallets, we specialise in offering the best pallet service at the best prices in Sydney. Being one of the industry leaders in offering wooden crates, we always put the needs of our clients at the forefront so they can deliver their products on time. Therefore, we supply products in different grades, shapes, and sizes. The quality of the pallets we offer is unmatchable. Sometimes, we even supply our clients with the pallets they need within several hours of ordering. Besides, we also offer distinct types of cheap pallets including plastic pallets, euro pallets, customised pallets, and export pallets.

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