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Ensuring your products are safe during transportation is the most vital criterion. So, whether you are planning to export items by air or sea freight, using wooden boxes will make the durability and strength of these items perfect in providing the best protection. This makes the wooden shipping boxes the perfect standard for packing and moving goods of different sizes.

Next Generation Pallets is here to help you with an extensive collection of wooden boxes for sale. Each of these boxes we supply ensures that your products can efficiently be packed and transported. Being in this industry for the last few years, we understand that every client has different products that need unique shapes. Therefore, we specialise in providing customised wooden boxes for packaging that suit the different requirements of our clients.

Why we are the best choice

Here at Next Generation Pallets, we stock distinct types of wooden boxes made of premium quality materials to meet the protection requirements of the products while in transit. Even if we do not have particular items in stock we can easily build one. We have the expertise to build custom made wooden boxes of any strength and any length to fit the goods of any size or type.

Besides, we can supply these boxes both in fully assembled and in knocked down style. So, the boxes we offer can successfully withhold the weight of the products while being transported. Besides, these features drastically decrease damage and breakage during shipping and transit.

At Next Generation Pallets, we always take the time to understand the exact project requirements of our clients to ensure that we offer only the best custom-made wooden boxes to them. Irrespective of the quantity, size, or weight of the products to be transported, we perform an in-depth assessment of the packaging specifications of our clients. After that, we prepare the right customised solutions that will help them send their goods from one place to another safely.

Important Features and Benefits Of The Wooden Boxes That We supply:

  1. Weather resistant and fully enclosed: It is quite obvious that wood is one of the most durable materials available, especially for packaging and storage purposes. The wooden boxes for sale available in Next Generation Pallets are not an exception. Being fully enclosed, these boxes offer additional protection from external impact, general negligence, and weather.
  2. Custom designed boxes: Compared to shipping boxes made of other materials like plastic, wood is more accessible, durable, and also cost-effective. And we can customise these boxes, easily according to the accurate specifications of our clients.
  3. Moisture resistant internal lining: At Next Generation Pallets, we specialise in different lining protections that we can include in our wooden boxes. This internal lining makes the wooden boxes highly waterproof, helping you further protect your goods. These linings offer maximum protection to products inside, against the harsh and unexpected elements like weather conditions.
  4. Dividers for protecting products inside: We often offer wooden boxes for sale with dividers inside to ensure that the products inside do not come into each other’s contact during the transition.

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