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Wooden Crates By Next Generation Pallets - The Best freight Solution Within Budget

If you are in search of using a less expensive option compared to fully enclosed boxes to ship your products, then nothing can be a better option than wooden crates. The best part of choosing wooden crates is that these are designed for both sea and land freight, and these are highly preferable in those cases where goods need to check visually. Therefore, heavy machinery and large equipment ranges are often transported in large timber crates. And Next Generation Pallets performs everything to ensure that you get the right wooden shipping crates according to your transport needs in Australia.

Next Generation Pallets - A Renowned Name you can Trust For Your Timber Crate Needs:

Timber crates supplied by Next Generation Pallets work as the perfect solution for the packaging and storage needs of different companies. These crates are affordable compared to other types of crates or boxes because of the minimal manufacturing costs.

The timber crates for sale that you can get from Next Generation Pallets is a cheap way to transport your personal or business-related items to distant parts of the globe. As they are made of high-quality timber, these crates offer the much-needed sturdiness and stability necessary for shipping even fragile items without worrying about anything. These crates are constructed with less timber. Therefore, these weigh less which decreases the transportation costs.

Also we offer heat-treated, and ISPM15 certified wooden crates to meet global customs requirements. Therefore these crates can easily withstand different weather conditions, including extreme temperatures. Apart from that, the customised designs of these crates make them perfect for bulk storage where crates are effortlessly stacked over one another. This allows business owners to save on labour and storage costs.

Being an expert in timber crates for sale, we strictly check every minor detail regarding our timber crates. As a result, the crates offered by us are eco-friendly and highly moisture resistant. Therefore, these remain impervious to termite or any other wooden bug infestation while shipping within or outside Australia.

Things That Make Our Wooden Crates Popular:

  1. Wooden crates that we offer are lightweight: Irrespective of whether you choose large or small timber crates from us, you will only get the best. The crates we offer are manufactured by Australian craftsmen. So, these are lightweight and feature internal visibility, excellent ventilation, etc.
  2. ISPM15 export compliance: Every timber crate that we offer at Next Generation Pallets complies completely with the ISPM15 standards for global transportation. Depending on the personal requirements of our clients, we can also offer customised wooden crates to suit their needs.
  3. Budget friendly: As these crates are available in different sizes and shapes and these are lighter. Besides, shipping items in timber made crates also helps to prevent any damage resulting in lower business costs.
  4. Easy and quick delivery: Apart from offering the best quality crates, we dedicate ourselves to offer an easy and quick delivery service every time.

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