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During the transportation of the products, wooden shipping crates ensure the maximum protection and security of goods. Wooden crates also work as a cheaper option during freight transportation, as here you can save on the total weight of the cargo. Besides, using cost-effective wooden crates to store, distribute, or transport goods is the fundamental way to make your business successful. And we, at Next Generation Pallets work on that mission.

The wooden storage crates that we supply for the storage and transportation of items from one place to another can reduce all your worries. Our offerings are just perfect for transporting things, starting from large items like the fridge to smaller things like vegetables or fruits. Therefore, we always customise the design of the crates to reduce weight and also to keep the costs at a minimum.

Why Do Our Clients Choose Us?

There are many other packing companies in Australia that offer crates for sale. But none matches the service that we offer to our clients. At Next Generation Pallets, we give our clients the utmost priority. So, we leave no stone unturned when offering wooden packing crates to them. To do this, we first carefully go through the project requirements. After that, our team members design and manufacture the best wooden packaging solution for our clients according to their business requirements.

When you will work with Next Generation Pallets, you will always get the assurance that you will only get the best and nothing less than that. We are also careful that only best quality crates come to you only at affordable and competitive rates.

What Makes Our Wooden Crates The Best?

When you look for the best wooden shipping crates in Sydney, we are the only name that you can consider. Here are some reasons that make our wooden crates the best of all:

  1. Strong and sturdy crates: If you want to ensure better safety and a high level of security for your products during transit, nothing can be a better solution than the wooden packing crates that we offer. These crates protect things during transit by offering efficient buffers and barriers for the products.
  2. Stackable designs: The crates for sale available at Next Generation Pallets come with thick walls, which carry the weight of other crates in case of stacking. This thing makes it ideal for storage and shipping.
  3. Certified quality crates: The wooden shipping crates that we offer are certified under AWPCS (Australian Wood Packaging Certification Scheme). As these crates are designed and developed to meet the global wood packaging standards, therefore you can only expect to get the best quality products.
  4. Cost-effective products: Despite offering crates made of the best quality materials; we keep the cost low to ensure even small business owners can use those. The use of simple materials helps us to keep the processing costs affordable.

If you do not understand how these crates work or the best crates for your needs, get in touch with us, and the expert packaging consultants of our company will advise you on the right product as per your needs.

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