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For all your mobility and safeguarding your products, we, Next Generation Pallets, offer you with the ultimate solution. We’re proud to offer numerous ISPM 15 pallet variants for export and meet your foreign freight requirements.

Why Next Generation Pallets?

Being in the business for over 6 years, we have left no stone unturned when it comes to making ourselves industry and company standards. Therefore, we deal with ISPM 15 pallet that abides by the international norms and meets the highest levels of quality control. We take into consideration the safety of your products to learn that you get the best result each time you do business with it.

Amidst all other ISPM 15 timber suppliers, we are dependable and one of the most popular suppliers. The years of presence in the industry have helped us to learn several things about the logistics and shipping of the products. Keeping these requirements and minute things in mind, we supply ISPM 15 pallet that is an industry standard and is far superior to the competitors.

The following are some of the top reasons why you should deal with us for ISPM 15 pallets

Heat-treated pallets ascertaining the entire unit is a bug and insect free

Compliant with the industry standard and regulations in terms of merchandising and export

Pallets are manufactured strictly adhering to the rules and regulations of the International Standard for Heat Treatment by IPPC

Certified, tested for safety, standard, and security

Range of ISPM 15 Pallets at Next Generation Pallets

Keeping a close eye on the requirements of the logistics industry, we have taken the initiative of supplying top-notch, high-quality ISPM 15 pallet. Next Generation are one of the leading ISPM 15 timber suppliers in Sydney and strictly follow the rules and regulations in terms of measurements and material.

At Next Generation Pallets, you would pallets catering to different industrial needs. We can supply the type of the following pallet—

  • Double Export Width Pallets
  • Medium Export Duty Pallets
  • Lightweight Export Pallets
  • Heavy Export Duty Pallets

These pallets have the potential to carry a weight of up to 2000 kg. Apart from this, if you have products that are to be exported in shipping containers, then go for modern Double Export Width Pallets. Precisely made for this purpose!!

Switch to the Sustainable Choice of Pallet

Our business aims at keeping a balance between nature and the type of production. Therefore, don’t think of from where the materials for the products are coming. We are there to take care of it. We stress on sustainable development of the ISPM 15 pallet therefore, keeping in mind the global demand, we have sustainable shipping practices on-board for you.

Get in Touch with us

We are one of the leading suppliers of pallets that deal with all your industry needs. We have for you the top quality ISPM 15 pallets for sale. Get in touch with us for more details. Our professionals are always there to help you out in getting the right choice. Call (02) 9673 3309 for details.


What is ISPM 15?
ISPM 15 stands for International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No.15. These are the relevant set of regulations to assist the prevention of spreading diseases and pests through the use of wood in packaging materials used in global trading. This standard also sets the criteria, which ISPM 15 timber suppliers should meet when they use any wood as packaging like crates, boxes, dunnage, pallet, or drums while shipping items globally. According to this regulation, all non-exempt wooden packaging materials (both hardwood and softwood) should disinfect using Methyl Bromide or be heat-treated at 56 degrees celsius for 30 minutes.
What products do ISPM 15 apply to?
ISPM 15 ensures the prevention of the further spread of timber-based diseases or pests that can negatively affect the ecosystems or plants of other countries. ISPM 15 applies to both softwood (coniferous) and hardwood (non-coniferous) packaging materials like crates, dunnage, collars, reels, and pallets along with other wooden items such as bracing with the thickness greater than 6mm used by the ISPM 15 timber suppliers. This applies to debarking wooden items and fumigation with methyl bromide or heat-treatment. These items are then stamped and branded by using a mark of compliance. Even wooden packing of exempted materials combined with solid wood should display this stamp.
Who controls ISPM 15?
ISPM 15 is one of the major international standards for phytosanitary evaluations adopted by IPPC or International Plant Protection Convention that is the part of a global treaty maintained to secure all the actions important for preventing the preface and spreading of different organisms and pests.

There are different companies, which help businesses ensure that their wood packaging used in the process of export shipments meets the present regulations of ISPM 15 for verification, certification, and stamping. These organisations also offer regulation information along with inspection services and listing to connect the businesses and their shipments in the industry.

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